Two Police-song themes in a week might be a bit much, but they’re both fitting so we don’t feel that bad. It turns out that just as we began in earnest our search for equipment, our new friends at Powder Hollow Brewery in Enfield, Connecticut, were looking to unload their original setup. They opened a little less than a year ago and are already scaling up to a 10-barrel system at year’s end. Then we’ll take their brewing system, some fermenters, and other stuff they don’t need anymore. Mike, the owner, gave us some great advice. He’s super knowledgeable and a really good brewer. We picked up a growler of his IPA. If you’re ever up in Enfield, near the Massachusetts border, we suggest you do the same. The photo shows their taproom.

4 thoughts on “Synchronicity”

  1. Hey, sorry for the delay. We plan to have about 1,600 lbs of gently dried and pelletized Cascade and 1,400 lbs of gently dried and pelletized Chinook between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2016.

    I thought I got your card at the HarborFest, but I can;t find it. Please shoot me your email address if you get the chance.



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