“Who are you?” (The Who)

Beer lifts the spirit. Music moves the body and soul. Together, they create magic.

Hi, we’re Mike and Joe, and by combining the two, that’s what we aim to do. All of our beers at Fairfield Craft Ales are inspired by the songs we love. From There She Gose (gose with lime) to Beast of Burden (Belgian-style dubbel aged on bourbon oak), from Deuce (double IPA) to Fire (IPA with habaneros), our beers will give you a shot of rhythm and brews.

We are lifelong music lovers with more than 25 combined years of brewing experience. Our friends and families have always loved our beers, but as we started to share our creations outside the inner circle, it became clear that we had to give the people what they want and just open a brewery already.

“What the hell am I doing here?” (Radiohead)

In the summer of 2014, we got serious about this whole brewery idea and began looking for space. This began a bit of a magical mystery tour, full of challenges, learning, disappointment, meeting great people, having fun, and drinking beer. In October 2015, we secured a space in Stratford, Connecticut, and we opened our doors in July 2016 using our own savings with a little boost from a successful Kickstarter campaign (see video below).

“We hope you will enjoy the show.” (The Beatles)

We regularly have 12 (or more) beers on tap. Some have pretty wacky ingredients. It’s all in good fun. You’ll be served by Mike or Joe, or our wives, or our kids (when they’re home from college). We want to get to know you, talk about beer and music, and have some laughs. We provide the space and the beer. Our customers provide the atmosphere. Come on in and feel at home.



Small-batch brewery serving music-inspired beers to Fairfield county

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