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Our new beer honors fca’s movie of the year

This Thursday, starting at 5 pm, we’re releasing what we think is our best New England-style IPA to date, and we’re calling it Don’t Stop Me Now.  Mug club members will get $1 off their first pour of this hazy brew with Citra, Simcoe, and Loral hops.

This is in honor of what we, as a classic rock-inspired brewery, consider to be the best movie of the year, Bohemian Rhapsody. (Admittedly, as a couple of guys who have full-time jobs and run a brewery, we don’t get out much, but we both loved this.) Forget the reviews and go see this film, which tells the story of Queen’s beginnings through the band’s much-lauded performance at Live Aid. It’s been nominated for two Golden Globes: best motion picture and Rami Malek for best actor in a motion picture for his portrayal as Freddie Mercury. 

If you like Queen’s music and having a good time, this one’s for you. Oscar nominations aren’t due until the end of January, but odds makers are placing their bets on a nomination for Rami Malek, who looks like Freddie and does a perfect reenactment of his Live Aid performance.

So what about the song? Why did we name the beer after it? The short answer is it just makes you feel good. The beautifully melodic introduction is followed by a high-energy tribute to being yourself and having a good time, and then there’s a lovely coda that goes back to the original melody. As the movie makes clear, Freddie Mercury was a truly gifted musician who struggled with his identity at a time that was much less accepting than now, and he found his perfect expression of himself through his music.

A study by the University of Missouri declared “Don’t Stop Me Now” to be the happiest song of all time. The joy of the song was captured in this comedic performance by Paul Rudd:

FCA ugly Christmas sweater party December 21

Did you know there is a national ugly Christmas sweater day? Did you further know that Mike and Joe actually went out and bought ugly sweaters to celebrate that day? Well, it’s true!

So let’s have a party on December 21, from 5-9 pm. Admission is free. We’ll put out some pizza and hook up the Christmas karaoke.

Your job is to wear an ugly sweater. If you do your job, we’ll take $1 off every full pour you buy. If you wear the ugliest sweater in the place, you’ll get a prize.

You can also sing Christmas songs if you want to. Mike likes that Mariah Carey one and isn’t embarrassed to admit it, even though using the word admit sort of suggests embarrassment, doesn’t it?

Whatever. Just come have some fun!

Double release Thursday: Reaper n’ Lucky

On Thursday, December 6, two favorites return to the tap room:

  • You Got Lucky pale ale (not too hoppy, light, and easy drinking)
  •  Don’t Fear the Reaper IPA with Carolina reaper peppers (hoppy, hot, and spicy)

Mug club members get $1 off their first pour of each. Plus there are 10 other beers on tap this weekend:

  1. Harvest Belgian wit with lemon
  2. Monkey Wrench chocolate stout with banana
  3. Boom Boom barleywine (BTW, barleywine is a beer style, not a wine, folks!)
  4. Divine Thing Belgian tripel with clementines and vanilla
  5. What I Got hazy IPA
  6. Brown-Eyed Girl brown ale
  7. Ruby Tuesday IPA with grapefruit
  8. Unchained pale ale with Connecticut hops
  9. Big Me double IPA
  10. Gimme Three Steps double IPA

On Saturday, we have live music from Noel Burke starting at 6:30 pm. Come down and join us!

Start brewing for FCA’s January 2019 homebrew competition!

Two homebrewer teams have brewed and had their beers on tap at Fairfield Craft Ales as a result of their winning entries in our semiannual homebrew competition. Last spring, we had Paint It Black, a delicious porter formulated by Jim Cenatiempo and Chris Moise. And now, we have Monkey Wrench on tap and in cans, an imperial stout flavored with dark chocolate and bananas. The brewers of that one were Matt Laudicina, Chris Aiuto, and Jason Rancourt.

Before opening FCA, Mike and Joe were passionate homebrewers who loved being able to share their brews with friends, family, and frankly, anyone we could get to try them. We know how satisfying it is to have others enjoy your creation. That’s why we love running our homebrew contest. Aside from getting to sample some great beers made by excellent, committed homebrewers, it’s very fulfilling to give the winners a chance to share their beers with the world. The brewers’ excitement on our brew days and their launch parties remind us why we got into this in the first place.

So it’s time to do it again! Fire up the kettles and start brewing. We’ll accept entries during our regular business hours between Thursday, January 3, and Sunday, January 6. Winners will be announced Saturday, February 9.

For details and entry forms, go here.

Brown-Eyed Girl is back

This Thursday, November 15, our popular brown ale, Brown-Eyed Girl, returns to the FCA set list—just in time to make it to your Thanksgiving table (brown ales go great with just about every part of the meal). After a couple of batches that veered a bit, we’ve returned to the original recipe that made you love it.

So get yourself to the brewery when the taps start flowing at 5 pm Thursday. Mug club members get $1 off all pours of this brew that night.

Trivia Thursdays at Fairfield Craft Ales

Hey smartypantses! (We think that’s how that’s spelled.) Come down to Fairfield Craft Ales at 724 Honeyspot Road in Stratford, Connecticut, every Thursday night for trivia and beer. The winning team gets $20 off its tab for the night. Plus bragging rights, of course.

We have everything you need—answer sheets, writing implements, beer, wine, hard cider, snacks, music between rounds, and an overall good time. Just bring yourself and your smartest friends.

The fun starts at 7:30 pm. We start handing out picture round sheets a little earlier, so get here early to get a head start and a good seat.