Home Brew Contest

Here’s how to enter FCA’s January 2020 home brew competition:

  1. Registration packet must be completed.
  2. Contest is open to any style home-brewed beer.
  3. Every bottle must be at least 12 ounces in volume, brown glass, and free of ink, paint, or paper labeling other than competition entry labels. Obliterate any lettering or graphics on the cap with a permanent black marker. Corked bottles meeting the above restrictions are acceptable, but you must crimp a crown cap over the cork. Bottles with a stopper and wire cage are acceptable. Bottles with embossed logos are acceptable. Bottles not meeting these requirements will be disqualified.
  4. All entries must be dropped off at Fairfield Craft Ales between Thursday, January 2, and Sunday, January 5, during brewery hours. All entries must be in by this time to be considered and judged for the preliminary round. All entries must be labeled with a provided bottle label.
  5. Participation will be limited. Be sure to drop off all materials by the given deadlines.
  6. Winners will be announced at Fairfield Craft Ales on Saturday, February 15, 2020.
  7. Grand Prize winner’s recipe will be brewed, named (music theme), and featured on tap at Fairfield Craft Ales.