Homebrew contest entries due September 8

The Fairfield Craft Ales homebrew contest is back. Look at all those guys in the photo collage. Don’t they look happy? Their beers were all great (and were all dark beers too: a porter and two stouts). If your beer is great, you could look happy too. Maybe you’ll be the first winner with a lighter style beer. Or another dark one, we don’t care. We like everything.

All you have to do is:

  • Brew a great beer. The entry deadline is Sunday, September 8. So you have, like, more than two months. That’s plenty of time, but get to work. There are no excuses, and late entries won’t be accepted.
  • Bottle that beer. Keep it at the right temperature. Nurture it. Love it.
  • Download our registration packet. You can also check out the official homebrew contest registration page for more details.
  • Fill out the entry form and bottle labels.
  • Submit your entry between Thursday, September 5, and Sunday, September 8.
  • Wait patiently until Saturday, October 12.
  • Come to the tap room on October 12, at 2:30 pm, and we’ll announce the winners. (There are prizes for first, second, and third place.)
  • If you win, we’ll talk to you about a schedule for scaling up your recipe and brewing your beer. If your beer is seasonal, that might affect the schedule, but we’ll still brew it.