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Sweet stout, Sterling House, keyboards

Here’s what’s going on in the tap room at 724 Honeyspot Road and elsewhere this weekend:

Thursday: We’re releasing our new milk stout, Sweet Emotion. It’s creamy, roasty, and an easy drinker with a modest 4.8% abv. Mug club members get $1 off their first pour. Note to annual mug club members: Check the date on your card. Some of the first memberships sold are starting to expire, so it may be time to re-up!

Friday: We’ll be pouring from 4-7 pm at the ribbon cutting and open house that is kicking off the Sterling House Community Center’s 85th anniversary weekend.

Saturday: Tim Payson will be playing keyboards in the tap room from 6-9 pm.

Revolution Thursday; pizza & blues Friday; music & a cask of bacon Saturday

Here’s what’s going on this week, in the taproom and elsewhere:

Thursday: Revolution IPA comes back to the tap room, while our tap takeover at Fairfield Local will include October, Everyday, Peace Frog, Harvest, and Darkness on the Edge of Town. Mug club members who order Revolution in the tap room will get $1 off their first pour.

Friday: Pizza, blues, and brews: we’ll be ordering in pizza for folks in the tap room starting at 5:30 pm, as we play a great concert from the Eric Clapton Crossroads series.

Saturday: We’ll have a cask of our October marzen that’s been aged on bacon and figs for a month. Mug club members get $1 off their first pour from the cask. From 2-5 pm, The Better Half will be playing live music, with a special focus on the songs of Tom Petty. From 6-9 pm, we’ll have live music from SuperNeutral. Meanwhile, from Noon to 5 pm, we’ll be pouring at the Smoke in the Valley beer fest in Seymour.

Sunday: We’ll be pouring at Taste of Fairfield at the Delamar in Southport.

Music trivia answers

Here are the answers to our four rounds of music trivia from last Thursday. How did you do?


  1. The Kinks
  2. Phil Spector
  3. The Bluesbreakers
  4. Glen Campbell
  5. Brian Epstein
  6. Jimmy
  7. Brian Jones
  8. Peter Noone
  9. The Graduate
  10. I Can’t Explain


  1. Neil Young
  2. 1979
  3. God Save the Queen
  4. Frampton Comes Alive!
  5. Bad Company
  6. The English Beat
  7. The Guess Who
  8. Mick Jagger
  9. The backseat of a Greyhound bus
  10. The Pleasure Principle


  1. Twisted Sister
  2. My Generation
  3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  4. Traveling Wilburys
  5. The Police
  6. Higher Ground
  7. Steve Vai
  8. 1984
  9. Chad Channing
  10. Slippery When Wet


  1. “This Is a Call”
  2. Everything about you
  3. Barenaked Ladies
  4. Guns N’ Roses
  5. Kim Basinger
  6. The Soup Dragons
  7. “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”
  8. David Crosby
  9. The Cranberries
  10. “Lady Madonna”

90s music trivia questions 

And finally, the list of questions about 90s music from last Thursday’s trivia night at the brewery. Answers to all four rounds (60s to 90s) will be posted tomorrow.

1. In 1995, the Foo Fighters released their debut album, which included the song “Big Me,” which
became a pop hit and inspired a Fairfield Craft Ales beer. The first single released from that
album contains the lyrics “fingernails are pretty, fingernails are good.” What’s the name of that

2. What did Ugly Kid Joe hate in 1992? 

3. In 1993, Yoko Ono sent footage of herself and John Lennon to which band for use in the video
for their song, “Be My Yoko Ono”? 

4. What American hard rock band released an album of punk and rock cover songs called The
Spaghetti Incident?
in 1993? 

5. What movie star appeared with Tom Petty in his video for the song “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”?

6. What Scottish band scored a Top 40 hit in the US with its 1992 song, “Divine Thing,” also on
Fairfield Craft Ales’ set list? 

7. After 28 years together, Aerosmith had its first number one hit in 1998 with what song? 

8. Which former member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sang backing vocals on Hootie & The
Blowfish’s 1994 hit, “Hold My Hand”? 

9. What Irish band had hits in the 90s with the songs “Linger” and “Zombie”?

10. Sublime’s 1997 hit, “What I Got,” has a melody that’s very similar to what song by The Beatles?

80s music trivia questions 

Now for the 80s questions from Thursday night trivia. 90s will be posted tomorrow, and then you can see how you did on all four rounds.

1. In 1985, which heavy-metal band covered the Shangri-Las hit song, “Leader of the Pack”?

2. In the late 80s, Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits fame hosted what popular show on VH1?

3. In 1980, Queen had its first number one hit in the US. What song was it that topped the Billboard
charts that year? 

4. In 1988, what supergroup was formed including former members of Mudcrutch, The Beatles, and
Electric Light Orchestra, as well as Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison? 

5. Zenyatta Mondatta was a 1980 album from which English New Wave band? 

6. What classic Stevie Wonder track did the Red Hot Chili Peppers cover in 1989? 

7. Who’s the famous guitarist that duels with Ralph Macchio in the 1986 film Crossroads? 

8. What was the last album David Lee Roth recorded with Van Halen before being replaced by
Sammy Hagar? 

9. Who was the drummer on Nirvana’s debut album, Bleach, in 1989? 

10. What was the name of the 1986 Bon Jovi album that included the hits singles “Livin’ on a Prayer”
and “You Give Love a Bad Name”? 

70s music trivia questions 

Here were the questions from round two of our music trivia night from Thursday. How many would you have gotten right? Answers will be posted later.

1. Which famous Canadian singer/songwriter did Lynyrd Skynyrd mention in their 1974 hit, “Sweet
Home Alabama”? 

2. In what year did Ozzy Osbourne get fired from Black Sabbath over his use of alcohol and drugs?

3. In 1977, what Sex Pistols song did the BBC refuse to play on the radio? 

4. What 1976 double album by an English rock musician was voted Album of the Year in Rolling
Stone’s readers’ poll that year, and is one of the best-selling live albums ever in the US?  

5. What English rock group formed in 1973 with two former members of the band Free, as well as
the guitarist from Mott the Hoople and the bassist from King Krimson? One of their biggest hits
was “Feel Like Makin’ Love.”  

6. What English ska band released as its first single in 1979 a cover of Smokey Robinson’s hit, “
Tears of a Clown”? 

7. What Canadian band had a hit in 1970 with the song Lenny Kravitz later covered, “American

8. What famous British Invasion singer contributed uncredited backup vocals to Carly Simon’s
1972, “You’re So Vain,” and was also rumored to be one of the people she was singing about?  

9. In the Allman Brothers’ 1973 hit, “Ramblin’ Man,” where was the narrator of the song born? 

10. What was the name of the 1979 album by Gary Numan, which contained his synthesizer-heavy
hit song, “Cars”? 

60s trivia questions 

Here were the first-round questions from last night’s music trivia. How many would you have gotten right? Answers will be posted later.

1. Brothers Ray and Dave Davies founded which British Invasion band in 1964?  

2. Which record producer, who since 2009 has been serving a 19-years to life sentence for murder,
developed the production technique called the Wall of Sound with the assistance of a group of
studio musicians called The Wrecking Crew? 

3. John Mayall headed what group that helped launch the careers of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Mick
Fleetwood, and Mick Taylor? 

4. From 1964 to 1965, which Wrecking Crew member toured with the Beach Boys, filling in for
Brian Wilson? Hint: He just died in August. 

5. Who managed the Beatles from 1961 until his untimely death in 1967 at age 32?

6. In 1964, the Shangri-Las had a number-one hit with the song, “Leader of the Pack.” The singer
meets and falls in love with a motorcycle gang leader, but her parents disapprove and force her to
break up with him. He gets on his bike and speeds away in the rain, only to crash and die. What’s
the dead biker’s name?

7. Which Rolling Stones guitarist died in a swimming pool in 1969? 

8. Who was the original frontman for Herman’s Hermits? 

9. Simon and Garfunkel’s song “Mrs. Robinson” was featured in what 1967 film?

10. Pete Townshend of The Who explained in the liner notes to their first album that their first single
was based on “All Day and All of the Night” by the Kinks. What was the name of The Who’s