Milk & FCA

Who would have thought that Milk and beer go so well together? No, we’re not talking about the kind of milk that goes with cookies. That would be udderly disgusting. (Sorry for the lame pun. Even we groaned and rolled our eyes writing it.)

We’re talking about Milk SoNo, the awesome branding agency that has given us a ton of expert guidance and design help. Our good and longtime friend Debbie Casey assembled the team; TJ Garvin talked us through branding considerations and is helping redesign our website (watch for a big upgrade); and Brendan Abrassart-White designed our awesome company logo, the cool individual beer logos that pop up while Mike is talking at the beginning of our Kickstarter video, tap handles that we’ll use in the bar, and incorporated our brand into all the Kickstarter rewards (pint glass, T-shirt, hoodie, growler).

Please check them out. They’re fun, easy, creative people to work with who have terrific ideas. We can’t thank them enough.