Our new beer honors fca’s movie of the year

This Thursday, starting at 5 pm, we’re releasing what we think is our best New England-style IPA to date, and we’re calling it Don’t Stop Me Now.  Mug club members will get $1 off their first pour of this hazy brew with Citra, Simcoe, and Loral hops.

This is in honor of what we, as a classic rock-inspired brewery, consider to be the best movie of the year, Bohemian Rhapsody. (Admittedly, as a couple of guys who have full-time jobs and run a brewery, we don’t get out much, but we both loved this.) Forget the reviews and go see this film, which tells the story of Queen’s beginnings through the band’s much-lauded performance at Live Aid. It’s been nominated for two Golden Globes: best motion picture and Rami Malek for best actor in a motion picture for his portrayal as Freddie Mercury. 

If you like Queen’s music and having a good time, this one’s for you. Oscar nominations aren’t due until the end of January, but odds makers are placing their bets on a nomination for Rami Malek, who looks like Freddie and does a perfect reenactment of his Live Aid performance.

So what about the song? Why did we name the beer after it? The short answer is it just makes you feel good. The beautifully melodic introduction is followed by a high-energy tribute to being yourself and having a good time, and then there’s a lovely coda that goes back to the original melody. As the movie makes clear, Freddie Mercury was a truly gifted musician who struggled with his identity at a time that was much less accepting than now, and he found his perfect expression of himself through his music.

A study by the University of Missouri declared “Don’t Stop Me Now” to be the happiest song of all time. The joy of the song was captured in this comedic performance by Paul Rudd: