Want a laugh? Watch our whole video

Just watch our Kickstarter video. It’s funny. Here’s one way it was described on Facebook:

Todd comment

Some caveats:

  • The song will get stuck in your head
  • You’ll get thirsty from the sexy shots of our beers
  • You might find us too charming and attractive

But let us take a minute to tell you about the brains and talent behind the video, because between Mike and Joe we have neither. Steve Lackey is Mike’s colleague at work who happens to live down the road from Joe. He has worked professionally as a DJ and in TV news, and is an expert video producer. He’s also a talented photographer, guitar player, and singer. He has played in several bar bands over the years, and regularly makes the rounds in Fairfield and New Haven counties with Jam Chowder and The Better Half.

Steve volunteered to produce our video and is the one who came up with the idea for making it a music video. This made us a little nervous at first, but turned out to be a ton of fun that produced a great result. He came up with the first draft of the lyrics, conceptualized many of the shots, and made the whole environment comfortable so we could be ourselves. Steve took a bunch of time over the holidays and several weekends and weeknights to shoot the ridiculousness you see and then edit it into a coherent story. He’s a super talented and generous guy, and we’re grateful for his help.

So, with all that heartfelt sentiment, don’t you feel like you need to watch the whole video now? I mean, you owe it to Steve, don’t you? Do it for Steve! The completion rate for the 725 people who have watched the video so far is 37 percent. From what we’ve read that’s a great completion rate for Kickstarter videos, but it means about 456 of you haven’t watched it all the way through. Will three-and-a-half minutes of funny stuff kill you? Pour yourself a beer (we’re not open yet, so we understand if it’s someone else’s) and sit down for a little while. You deserve it.