Why put off for 11 days what you can do today?

Here’s the great news: we’re 92% funded with 11 days to go in our Kickstarter campaign. Thank you all for your pledges and support. We’re so excited by the enthusiasm for our business.

Here’s the scary news: if we don’t reach 100% or more of our goal, we won’t get funded and those of you who have pledged won’t get your rewards. We know you’ve been spreading the word, and we’re grateful for that. We hope the rewards we’re offering make it easy to sell the benefits of kicking in. There are pledge levels to fit every budget:

  • $10: FCA bumper sticker
  • $25: FCA pint glass, plus bumper sticker
  • $50: FCA T-shirt, plus pint glass and bumper sticker
  • $75: FCA hoodie, plus T-shirt, pint glass, and bumper sticker
  • $100: FCA mug club, plus hoodie, T-shirt, pint glass, and bumper sticker
  • $150: FCA growler club, plus hoodie, T-shirt, pint glass, and bumper sticker
  • $200: Double mug club, plus 2 hoodies, T-shirt’s, pint glasses, and stickers
  • Plus there are “experience” rewards that include a brew day with us, parties, exclusive limited-edition beers, etc.

If you’ve been thinking about pledging but haven’t, there’s no time like the present. We’ve explained in previous blog posts┬áthat several of these levels are Kickstarter-only offers. Once this campaign is over, deals like lifetime (as opposed to annual) membership in the mug club and a growler club that includes so much merchandise will be gone. So check out the campaign and pick your prizes.

And please let your friends know about these deals. With your help, we know we’ll make it over the finish line. Thanks!