October is Thursday, live music Saturday & Sunday, Everyday is Sunday

This headline isn’t a bunch of gibberish. Let us break it down for you:

Thursday we release October, our new Oktoberfest lager. Light, malty, and totally sessionable. Mug club members get $1 off their first pint on Thursday and Friday nights!

Saturday, we have SuperNeutral returning to the tap room for a night of fun, awesome tunes. They play from 6-9 pm.

Sunday we have two things going on at two different locations:

  • For the kickoff of NFL Sunday, The Blind Rhino in South Norwalk will be the only place you can try Everyday, our new sessionable pale ale that we brewed in collaboration with our friend Ken Tuccio. It’s the ultimate football beer—clean, tasty, and easy-drinking. You’re gonna love it.
  • Matt Orlando will be playing live music in our tap room from 3-6 pm.

See? It all makes sense. We hope to see you soon.


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