70s music trivia questions 

Here were the questions from round two of our music trivia night from Thursday. How many would you have gotten right? Answers will be posted later.

1. Which famous Canadian singer/songwriter did Lynyrd Skynyrd mention in their 1974 hit, “Sweet
Home Alabama”? 

2. In what year did Ozzy Osbourne get fired from Black Sabbath over his use of alcohol and drugs?

3. In 1977, what Sex Pistols song did the BBC refuse to play on the radio? 

4. What 1976 double album by an English rock musician was voted Album of the Year in Rolling
Stone’s readers’ poll that year, and is one of the best-selling live albums ever in the US?  

5. What English rock group formed in 1973 with two former members of the band Free, as well as
the guitarist from Mott the Hoople and the bassist from King Krimson? One of their biggest hits
was “Feel Like Makin’ Love.”  

6. What English ska band released as its first single in 1979 a cover of Smokey Robinson’s hit, “
Tears of a Clown”? 

7. What Canadian band had a hit in 1970 with the song Lenny Kravitz later covered, “American

8. What famous British Invasion singer contributed uncredited backup vocals to Carly Simon’s
1972, “You’re So Vain,” and was also rumored to be one of the people she was singing about?  

9. In the Allman Brothers’ 1973 hit, “Ramblin’ Man,” where was the narrator of the song born? 

10. What was the name of the 1979 album by Gary Numan, which contained his synthesizer-heavy
hit song, “Cars”?