90s music trivia questions 

And finally, the list of questions about 90s music from last Thursday’s trivia night at the brewery. Answers to all four rounds (60s to 90s) will be posted tomorrow.

1. In 1995, the Foo Fighters released their debut album, which included the song “Big Me,” which
became a pop hit and inspired a Fairfield Craft Ales beer. The first single released from that
album contains the lyrics “fingernails are pretty, fingernails are good.” What’s the name of that

2. What did Ugly Kid Joe hate in 1992? 

3. In 1993, Yoko Ono sent footage of herself and John Lennon to which band for use in the video
for their song, “Be My Yoko Ono”? 

4. What American hard rock band released an album of punk and rock cover songs called The
Spaghetti Incident?
in 1993? 

5. What movie star appeared with Tom Petty in his video for the song “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”?

6. What Scottish band scored a Top 40 hit in the US with its 1992 song, “Divine Thing,” also on
Fairfield Craft Ales’ set list? 

7. After 28 years together, Aerosmith had its first number one hit in 1998 with what song? 

8. Which former member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sang backing vocals on Hootie & The
Blowfish’s 1994 hit, “Hold My Hand”? 

9. What Irish band had hits in the 90s with the songs “Linger” and “Zombie”?

10. Sublime’s 1997 hit, “What I Got,” has a melody that’s very similar to what song by The Beatles?