Fairfield Craft Ales


This week, we got a bunch of our chips cashed in. Our contractors started work laying in our floor drain and new bathroom plumbing, as well as framing out our ADA-compliant bathrooms and our bar. We also scored a couple of used walk-in coolers, some bar tables, 24-oz. beer glasses, a bunch of taps for …

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I’ll spare you having to look at a photo, but the Frankenstein-like scar under the knuckle of my right index finger is a testament to the blood and sweat (no tears yet) going into our beer-making mission. The past two weekends have involved some back-breaking work, most of it devoted to getting that awful carpet …

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Who you calling peripheral?

We always knew we weren’t going to be mainstream, but we think we have to take issue with the label “peripheral” that two business school professors applied to a category of beers that includes craft beer stalwart Sierra Nevada. In their post on the HBR blog, the professors measure consumers’ perceptions of beer brands based …

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Thinking ’bout the government

We filed the paperwork for our federal brewer’s license last night. Feels good, but it’s gonna be a long haul—the latest average wait time for approval is 132 days. Sounds like a lot, but it’s only the end of February. And let’s face it, this year’s practically over. In the meantime, we’ll order our equipment and …

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