This week, we got a bunch of our chips cashed in. Our contractors started work laying in our floor drain and new bathroom plumbing, as well as framing out our ADA-compliant bathrooms and our bar. We also scored a couple of used walk-in coolers, some bar tables, 24-oz. beer glasses, a bunch of taps for our bar, and a sink from restaurant-equipment auctioneers.

On Friday, we rented a 26′ truck and drove all day to pick up the auction winnings (in Norwich and Franklin) and some of our big equipment from Powder Hollow Brewery in Enfield. The equipment included a 10-barrel brite tank (which is where you carbonate the beer), two 10-barrel fermenters, 49 kegs, and some miscellaneous small stuff.

Joe seemed to cut or scrape a finger at every stop, and at Powder Hollow he   bled on almost everything. The last picture in our photo diary below shows a spigot splashed with blood. But don’t worry about it—Joe’s fine and we’re cleaning and sanitizing everything. You’ll see in some of the pictures that we placed the tables we bought in the bar area. They really start to make it seem real.