Hey bartender

Today we scored 15 bar stools and 8 keg couplers (the things on top of the keg through which the beer flows to the tap) for about one-third their usual price. A place in Hamden called DeMil’s on Whitney just shut its doors, and Mike went out to the live auction bright and early this morning. After winning these items in some competitive bidding, Mike called a nearby self-storage facility, rented a U-Haul cargo van, hauled the loot to our brewery space in Stratford, set the stools up at our bar and high tables to see how they’d look, and then drove the rental van back to Hamden. On the way home, he stopped for an appetizer and a beer at a place he’s always wanted to try—the renowned craft beer haven, Eli’s on Whitney. The Philly steak egg rolls went down really well with a New England Brewing Sea Hag IPA. A pretty good day.