New reward combo for our last Kickstarter week

Our Kickstarter campaign ends this Saturday morning, April 9, at 6:48 am. For this last week, we’re offering a new reward combo. It’s called Howlin’ for the Jungle, and it’s a combination of our mug and growler clubs.

We heard from some people that they’d had a hard time choosing between the mug and growler club deals. Now you don’t have to choose—you can get both for $25 less than if you bought each individually (and you get one sticker, pint glass, T-shirt, and hoodie). Here’s a reminder of what all the swag looks like:

If you’ve already picked one club or the other, you can go in and edit your donation to move it up to our new $225 level. If you bought both separately (which you probably had to do under different names, we’ve learned), you can upgrade one to the $225 level and delete the other.

If you experience any confusion, please feel free to message us and we’ll try to help you figure it out. Thanks!