You down with OPT?

During a snowstorm on an early Saturday morning in early 2016, our friends at Old Post Tavern—one of our favorite spots in Fairfield, Connecticut—allowed us to take some awesome “beauty shots” of our beers on their bar for our Kickstarter video.

We showed up at 9am with our director/producer Steve Lackey, just as the snow was beginning to accumulate. We went in through the back door, walked through the kitchen (where a couple of guys were already hard at work, even though they weren’t opening until lunch), and started to scope out our shoot.

We knew we wanted to do some tracking shots of the beers, so Steve had brought one of those Hess toy trucks that the gas station sells at Christmastime and Mike brought some tracks and flatbed cars from his LGB train set. The plan was to place Steve’s camera on one of these and have it rotate around beers for effect. We tried both, and the trains won out. It wasn’t easy or perfect, but the end result was beautiful. We think the video portrays our product wonderfully, and that the backdrop of Old Post Tavern’s bar gave a great feeling of authenticity.

If you’ve never done a video shoot before, the amount of setup required to get good images is extensive and sometimes stressful. But we had a ton of laughs, especially as we had to empty glasses from one shot to fill them for the next. The whole shoot was done by Noon, and we were all feeling pretty good for the rest of the day. We can’t thank the folks at Old Post Tavern enough for lending their atmosphere to our video.