Some good news…

…and some we-knew-it-but-didn’t-want-to-believe-it-because-we’re-excited-and-optimistic news.

We got a call today from the federal government on our brewer’s permit application. We had to make a few small corrections that were taken care of over the phone and by quick email, but our agent said it was one of the cleanest applications she’s seen and she’s been there quite awhile (if we can toot our own horn). So the application is looking good and on the road to approval.

The problem is that this road we’re on involves another level of review that’s going to take four to five weeks. So if we’re lucky, we’ll get our approval the first week of May and if we brew a lot fast and all goes well, be open by Memorial Day.

That’s optimistic. When we shot most of our Kickstarter video back in December, we were hoping we’d have our approval by the end of February and be open by April. We knew it was probably a longshot, but you gotta be positive. We’ll keep being positive, but we’re certainly thankful to all our backers. Every little bit helps!